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MGPs in Massachusetts

MGPs have a long history in Massachusetts, beginning in 1822 with the incorporation of the Boston Gas Light Company, the second in the nation. Within a decade, the City of Boston had multiple gas plants, and by the 1850s demand for gas lighting spread to outlying cities. By the Civil War, manufactured gas lit most major cities in Massachusetts. As in the rest of the country, a plentiful supply of natural gas displaced manufactured gas in the 1950s, resulting in the shutdown of MGPs nationwide. Today, National Grid manages contamination issues on an inherited portfolio of historically contaminated land dating back more than 100 years. This includes contamination from former MGP sites that National Grid inherited from its predecessor legacy companies. In Gloucester, the Gloucester Gas Light Company (GGLC) owned and operated the MGP. After shutting down the plant in 1952, the GGLC consolidated into the North Shore Gas Company in 1953. The North Shore Gas Company became part of other predecessor companies of National Grid.