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Current Land Uses

Today, a mix of busy commercial and industrial operations occupy the waterfront along Harbor Loop. Moving from south to north along Harbor Loop, one encounters the United States Coast Guard base; Solomon Jacobs Park and Public Landing; a commercial property owned by National Grid and housing the City of Gloucester Harbormaster; a marine educational facility operated by Maritime Gloucester with a still-operational historical marine railway; a seafood auction house, fish processing facility, and restaurant; and a seafood cold storage facility.

Across Rogers Street to the northwest is a shopping plaza. All the properties south of Rogers Street and Harbor Loop lie within a Designated Port Area designed to support marine industrial operations in the City of Gloucester.

Further north along Rogers Street, National Grid owns a waterfront property occupied by an electrical substation. This property is outside the former MGP Site boundaries, but it will likely serve as a staging area for materials during the upcoming remediation project.

Site plan from P2

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