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Committed to Public Health and Safety

Health and safety is an essential part of the former Gloucester MGP remediation project as we work to address the environmental impacts at the Site and improve the environment. National Grid is committed to careful planning, good communication, and monitoring of the implementation of health and safety plans.

National Grid developed Health and Safety Plans for each investigation and response action performed to date, and will have Health and Safety Plans on Site during the remediation. Qualified contractors who are appropriately trained and monitored will perform the remediation work in accordance with applicable regulations. National Grid will require that contractors have employee training and medical monitoring programs, and will evaluate them based on their compliance with established health and safety plans.

During remediation, public safety will be monitored in accordance with a Site-specific air monitoring program and a traffic-control plan. The air monitoring program will include monitoring within and at the boundaries of the remediation Site.

National Grid’s contractors will control odors to the extent practicable by limiting the size of the area disturbed, by using foam and other engineered controls to limit potential odors, and by stopping work if necessary. The traffic control plan will be used to manage traffic in and around the remediation activity, including trucks traveling to and from the Site. This program will include route planning for trucks and other vehicles, and coordination with local authorities, agencies, and the surrounding community on transportation safety issues.

National Grid and its contractors will also coordinate remediation activities that occur in the harbor with the Coast Guard and local agencies to limit impacts to recreational boaters and commercial fishing operations throughout the project.